Reasons and Solutions For Replica Watch Stops

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Many friends who like to wear watches have encountered the situation that the watch stops secretly. Whether it is a mechanical watch, a quartz watch, or an electronic watch, there will be a phenomenon of stealth. When encountering this situation, everyone’s first reaction is “Is the watch broken?”Hereby, I would like to introduce the reasons and solutions for the sneak stop of the replica watch in details, hoping to help you!

What is Replica Watch Sneak Stop?

The sneak stop of the replica watch means that the watch does not move when the power is sufficient, or it stops for a while and then starts to move by itself. For example, there is no problem with wearing a replica watch for a whole day. I put it there when I go to bed at night, and when I wake up the next morning, I look at it. It is a few minutes or a few hours slower. This is a typical watch sneak stop phenomenon.

watch problems

Causes and Solutions of Mechanical Replica Watch Stealth Stop

Watch Stoppage: Anyone who knows a little about mechanical watches knows that fully automatic mechanical replica watches are completely wound by the swing of the arm. Therefore, once the watch is left for too long or the daily arm activity does not meet the winding requirements of the replica watch, the watch will cause the mainspring to be wound and the potential energy will be insufficient, which will cause the watch to run unstable or stop when it is not worn at night. . If this happens, we can manually make an arc before placing the watch. Or wind the replica watch using the manual winding function. This keeps the watch with enough kinetic energy storage to keep the watch running until the next day.

Replica Watch Bumps: Because the watch is exposed to the outside most of the time when it is worn, it is easy to bump into other hard objects while walking and doing things. , if you accidentally knock or drop the replica watch in daily use, or hit the watch with force, it may cause the movement gears and other parts in the watch to become loose, misplaced, etc., which will also cause the mechanical replica watch to stop. When this happens, we need to go to the watch repair shop for overhaul. Try to avoid collisions and strenuous exercise during daily wear.

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Hairspring Problem: The failure of the hairspring is also one of the reasons for the sneak stop of the mechanical replica watch when it is running normally. As we mentioned earlier, some people stop their watches secretly due to insufficient activity, and if the activity is too large, the winding mechanism will fail due to the tightening of the mainspring for a long time. It can also cause lack of motivation. Generally, this kind of stop and go will happen around 9:00 p.m. It directly leads to insufficient power and the calendar jams and stops.
In addition, there are some other conditions such as the replica watch is magnetized and there is too much sludge, which will also cause the mechanical watch to stop. If you find that the watch stops during normal wearing, you should take timely measures to troubleshoot the replica watch as soon as possible. If it involves a faulty part such as a mechanical watch movement, you need to send the watch to a professional watch repair center for inspection and repair.

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Causes and Solutions of Quartz Replica Watch Stealth

1.When the power of the quartz watch is insufficient, so the battery needs to be replaced, while the voltage is unstable and the power supply cannot be stabilized, so the replica watch could stop unexpectedly.

2.When the watch is magnetized, the hands of the replica watch meet, they will stick together due to the magnetic force, causing the replica watch to skip needles. When the magnetism condition is serious, it would even cause the watch to stop.

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3.It is likely that the bearing of the replica watch is damaged or the coaxial stop of the watch is stopped.
The British replica watch has a sneak stop phenomenon. If its condition falls into the first two cases, you only need to replace the battery or demagnetize the replica watch. If it falls into the third case, it would be complicated. In general, if the movement of the quartz watch is damaged, the whole movement should be replaced directly. The movement parts of the quartz replica watch cannot be replaced for maintenance like a mechanical watch. Therefore, if it is determined that the watch is stopped secretly caused by the third situation, it is the best way to directly replace the replica watch or go to a professional after-sales service to replace the movement. If the quartz watch stops stealthily, if it is not handled in time, the replica watch would stop completely, and in serious cases, the watch would be completely scrapped. Therefore, watch repairers suggest that you always pay attention to the health of the quartz watch and do daily maintenance.

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Reasons and Solutions of Electronic Replica Watch Stealing Stop

Insufficient Battery: The electronic watch often stops due to insufficient battery power, and the battery needs to be replaced again.
Poor Contact: The circuit board and other parts of the electronic replica watch have poor contact, and the watch is also prone to sneak stop.
Movement Failure: If there are some gear train failures in the movement, it will also cause the replica watch to stop secretly.
The watch is magnetized and the parts inside the watch are magnetized. You only need to go to the replica watch repair point and demagnetize the watch. The battery in the watch is dead. If you encounter this situation, don’t repair it. Just replace the replica watch with a new battery and it would be ok. In the electric watch repair shop in the electronic watch, let the watch repairer use the watch fault instrument to check to see where your circuit board is broken, and then ask the watch repairer to repair it for you.