Why People Buy Rolex Submariner Replica?

Why do we buy replica Rolex Submariner watches? Maybe you’re expecting some great insights from me, while the truth is that a genuine Rolex Submariner is too expensive for the average person to afford. And we just have some occasions that require us to wear expensive watches to match our status and the occasions, so we started with Rolex replica watches. So why is it a Rolex replica watch and not other watches? This article will tell you the magic the Rolex Submariner replica watch has.

Waterproof Up to 300 Meters Underwater

How many meters of water resistance should a good diving watch have? In fact, the depth that the human body can dive freely can only reach 100 meters. According to this, 100 meters of water resistance degree is enough. But for Rolex submariner replica watch, it can already achieve 100 meters of water resistance in 1953, and it was increased to 200 meters in the next year, and in 1959, the application of the small crown shoulder protection technology made the Submariner case more waterproof.

Soon in the 1970s, the patented case-sealed Triplock design using triple O-rings was introduced, and Rolex’s Submariner replica watches entered an advanced version with a full 300-meter water resistance. Currently, Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual watches are all minus 100 meters water resistance, while the Submariner is 300 meters. Take a closer look at the crown of the Submariner watch-are there three small dots under the crown logo? This is the symbol of the Triplock triple waterproof system.

The Glidelock chain strap of the Submariner has a design that can be adjusted by 2 mm per grid. The special adjustment design on the back of the overall buckle can fine-tune the length of the chain strap by about 2 cm. It is convenient for the wearer to have different wrist circumferences. , or the fine-tuning design of chain straps when worn outside the cuffs of wetsuits, coats, etc.


Unidirectional Rotating Bezel

Some people don’t quite understand why the bezel of a diving watch should be emphasized that it rotates in one direction? Because it is difficult for us to imagine now, since Rolex first launched the Submariner, and then triggered the creation of all brands to develop their own diving watches, it was not until the 1980s that the technology of the unidirectional rotating bezel was officially adopted. Developed, the rotating bezel of all diving watches before this is bidirectional, and there are safety concerns when using it in real diving activities.

The Submariner launched the first 16800 with a unidirectional rotating bezel in 1981, and the Rolex Submariner replica also officially entered the five-digit model code. The so-called one-way rotating bezel is to move the bezel with your fingers. The bezel can only rotate in one direction, but cannot rotate in the opposite direction. This device is to prevent accidental contact of the bezel during diving activities. Mistakes in calculating time underwater.

The unidirectional rotatable bezel used by the Replica Rolex Submariner is from the evolution of the unidirectional sawtooth ring structure in 1979. After many refinements and improvements, Rolex’s current Submariner’s outer ring scale is: It is driven by a ratchet system composed of spring components, steel ball bearings and a top catch pushed up to the bottom of the outer ring, and has a reverse-reversal design. Smooth and precise.


In addition to the technology of the unidirectional rotatable bezel, there is also a technical update of the bezel material of the Rolex Submariner. In 2005, Rolex used a ceramic bezel made of new technology for the first time on the 50th anniversary model of the GMT-Master II series. Cerachrom, a patented ceramic bezel exclusively developed by Rolex, has become one of the important elements of Rolex design in the new era.

The characteristic of the Rolex Cerachrom ceramic bezel lies in its exquisite craftsmanship. First, the ceramic bezel embedded with numbers and scales is fired, and then the entire bezel is plated with platinum or gold coating, and then the metal coating on the bezel is polished and moved. Except, but retains the metal plating of the numerals and hour markers, while the ceramic color of the rest shows a smooth and bright effect.

In the past, Rolex professional sports watches in the old days mostly used aluminum plating to treat the bezel, so there were often changes in wear and oxidation results. However, on the contrary, these raw materials could not be perfected with the technology at that time. Features and selling points of the watch. The Cerachrom ceramic bezel is not only not affected by ultraviolet rays, oxidation, etc., but also has no discoloration or serious scratches. The watch will last for a long time. I don’t know if this is an advantage brought by new technology, or too much. What about the dullness of precision and precision craftsmanship?

Rolex’s Cerachrom ceramic bezel technology has always caused a group of watch bezels to follow suit. In 2008, the launch of the submariner-shaped ceramic bezel design has become one of the basic equipment of all diving watches on the market. At present, the ceramic bezel of the Rolex Submariner has three color choices of black, blue and green, and in the GMT-Master II model, a patented ceramic bezel with a combination of upper and lower half circles has been developed.


Small Crown Shoulder Pad

The first Rolex Submariner came out in 1953. At that time, a director of Rolex, because of his hobby of diving, suggested that Rolex create a watch for diving, which was developed and launched on the market. The first Submariner, model 6204, had a water resistance of 100 meters, but at that time the crown was a big round flat, and later some models were nicknamed “Big Crown” because of this crown.

However, after years of constant changes, revisions, researches and other remodeling processes, the Ref.5512 launched in 1959 has become the definitive work of the modern Submariner. Its 40mm case diameter and crown thickness of about 7mm are matched with It first appeared on the crown shoulder pad of the Submariner watch, and it was also at this time that the design of the crown shoulder pad became one of the iconic designs of the Rolex Submariner Submariner watch, and all models of the Submariner watch are waterproof. The depth has also deepened from the original 100 meters to 200 meters. Since its inception, the Rolex Submariner has always been a benchmark in technology and design in the field of diving watches.


Submariner Watch with Calendar Design

Some people love the No-Calendar Display submariner replica watch, some people don’t particularly into it. But it is true that after the release of the Submariner, the calendar has not been considered.

It was not until 1969 that the first Submariner watch with a calendar display, Ref. 1680, appeared. This is extremely important for the Submariner series, because the technology of the artificial sapphire mirror was not yet formed. The technical evolution of this date convex mirror has also become one of the focuses of the development of the Rolex Submariner in the following decades. However, the Submariner watch without a calendar design is still the most original 1950s design, and looking back now, it also has its own unique charm.

I don’t know why I prefer the Submariner replica with no calendar design, maybe to a certain extent, the more I look at it, the more pure it is. Rolex submariner replica has always been maintaining the appearance in the old Bond movie, the technology has been updated and the performance has become better, but the appearance has remained so classic and good-looking, as if it has not been damaged or eliminated by any years, it is timeless and its status is still standing.


Final Thoughts

So why people buy Rolex submariner replica watches? Because it means we buy a watch that is made from good-enough materials for 10% of the original watch price. Because our replica watch  works as perfect as an original Rolex watch. Because it brings me confidence. Because it brings me sales everytime I wear it. The list can keep going on. Rolex is a great brand that followed after by so many successful businessmen and fashion guys and ladies. Rolex is the mysterious king of the watch industry, and every move has aroused heated discussions and even caused the imitation of the watch design circle. Why do we love Rolex? Why do you love it from the very first place and still love it? Maybe not for anything, just because it’s Rolex.