How To Buy A Perfect Replica Watch Like A Pro?

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Every man should have a good replica watch! Since it is a replica watch, we must be careful when buying it. Friends who have studied replica watches may already know how to buy a good watch. Today we will introduce you different ways to identify a good replica watch!

1. Advantages and Disadvantages: Quartz and Mechanical

Typically, replica mechanical watches are more expensive than replica quartz watches, but that doesn’t mean mechanical watches are necessarily better than quartz watches.
The main difference between a quartz replica watch and a mechanical watch is which energy source is used to drive the movement of the watch movement. A mechanical watch has a helix. When people wind the replica watch, the helix is also wound up at the same time. When the helix is released, it begins to drive the watch movement. Quartz watches use a battery as their energy source. The battery outputs electricity to the electronic blocks and motors in the replica watch. Every second, the electronic block will output a pulse wave to the motor, and the motor will push the replica watch hands to run.

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Therefore, from a timing point of view, quartz replica watches are more accurate than mechanical watches. Due to the inconsistent speed of the helical movement of mechanical watches, the accuracy of timekeeping will also decrease, and its accuracy will also be affected by factors such as temperature, location, and wear and tear of parts. Therefore, it is normal for a general mechanical replica watch to have an error of 15-30 seconds a day, and the smallest error is 4-5 seconds. But quartz watches are different. Quartz crystals can provide the most stable pulse waves, so they can guarantee the highest accuracy. Under normal circumstances, the monthly error of a quartz replica watch is between 15 and 25 seconds, and the smallest error is only 5 seconds a year.

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The reason why mechanical replica watches are more expensive than quartz watches is that mechanical watches require precise manual time adjustment during the production process, while quartz watches are generally assembled on an automatic production line.
Additionally, it is generally accepted that mechanical replica watches have a longer operating life than quartz watches. But that may not be the case because all the moving parts inside a quartz watch are the same as a mechanical replica watch. While the lifespan of the electronics has not been fully tested, it is likely to have the same lifespan. Therefore, consumers can fully trust that a good quartz replica watch will provide as long service life as a mechanical watch.
However, there are pros and cons to both quartz and mechanical replica watches. The biggest advantages of quartz watches are high timing accuracy, easy to wear, and easy to make very thin and small, with a strong sense of fashion. The movement of mechanical replica watches is more technological, but the thickness of the case is generally relatively large. If you are convenient and require high timing accuracy, you should choose a quartz watch. If it is a very small and thin quartz replica watch, you have to consider whether it is convenient to replace the battery, because the smaller and thinner the battery, the more expensive it is.

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2. Material Selection: The Replica Watch Case Varies from Person to Person

Common watch case materials include K gold, gold-plated, titanium, stainless steel, semi-steel chrome-plated, alloy shell, etc. The K gold case is only used by famous brand high-end replica watches, and its price is generally super high; while semi-steel (only the watch back cover is stainless steel) and chrome-plated watches are low-end watches, and the case is easily corroded. The gold-plated case is more beautiful, but it is easy to be worn off without a certain gold-plated thickness (including the strap). If you want to choose a gold-plated replica watch, the thickness of the coating is preferably more than 10 microns. Titanium-plated watches are more durable and wear-resistant, but the color is not very good-looking. Now more popular is the two-color case strap (gold or gold-plated and stainless steel), which are more beautiful and durable. Gold-plated replica watches are more expensive than all-steel watches, and watches with leather straps are much cheaper than watches with the same steel strap.
People who love to sweat or exercise, outdoor workers, and people who have been exposed to chemical acid-base substances for a long time (such as medical workers) should wear replica watches with stainless steel cases.

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3. Listen to the Sound

In the early years, experienced replica watch repair masters always put the watch on their ears, shook their heads and changed their postures, and listened to the sound of the watch as it moved to infer whether the watch’s travel time was good or not. This was all experience and effort. A well-trained watchmaker can hear the oscillation frequency of the balance wheel of the replica watch.
The easiest way to understand the essence of listening to a watch is to listen to the change in the sound of the replica watch as it travels after changing its position. For watches with faults or damaged parts, as the position changes, the sound of the travel time will also change significantly. Some will change periodically, the sound will be louder and quieter for a while. Because of this, listening to the replica watch can only detect whether the watch is faulty, and cannot fully represent the quality of the watch.
But for ordinary people, listening to watches requires experience, and it is best to make comparisons, that is, to listen more and practice more. Watches with different structures and sizes have different sounds when they travel. Generally speaking, the voice of men’s watches is louder, and that of women’s watches is much lower.

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4. Maintenance: Consider Carefully

The service life of the watch is related to the correct use and maintenance of the watch by the wearer. For example, wearing the watch for a bath, dirty watch appearance, unsuitable strap length, harsh use environment, etc., will easily cause damage to the watch and shorten the service life.
Mid-to-high-end watches should be maintained every two to three years, such as replacing waterproof components, testing travel time performance and power consumption of the movement, cleaning the movement and maintaining the appearance, etc. Such maintenance services will effectively extend the use time of the watch.
Of course, the more expensive the watch, the higher the maintenance cost. Therefore, when buying a watch, you must also consider the after-sales service of the watch and the supply of accessories.