Deserve Reading: IWC Portuguese 7 IW500107 Replica Watch Review

IWC Replica Watch

The most popular series of IWC replica watches at present are the seven-day chain and the Portuguese chronograph in the Portuguese series. One of the biggest differences between them is that one uses the self-produced Pellaton movement for an extra 7 days. Power reserve movement, while the Portuguese chronograph uses an improved ETA movement and has only a 44-hour power reserve. What we bring to you today is the evaluation of the classic IW500107 replica watch of the Portuguese 7-day chain.

Brief review of IW500107 Movement:

IWC Replica Watch
The whole series of Portugal uses the 50000-type movement of IWC. The biggest feature of the IWC 50000-type movement is that the dial is oversized and eye-catching, and it has a power reserve of up to 7 days. This series of movements is equipped with unprecedented excellent devices for automatic movements, including the very famous Pellaton winding system, Breguet hairspring balance, etc., to ensure its accuracy.

IW500107 Appearance Review:

The IWC 50000 movement has created the oversized dial of the Portuguese series, and the simple design makes it easy to grasp the time at a glance. Elegant small seconds and 7-day power reserve display. New and advanced features have been added, such as a coated convex sapphire crystal and a new screw-down sapphire glass case back. All of these make for the perfect Portuguese 7-day replica watch.

My first impression of this replica watch is the atmosphere. The domineering dial with blue sword hands and blue alligator leather strap makes this replica watch look low-key and luxurious. The time scale of the dial adopts an embossed workmanship, which makes the whole dial look dynamic. The power reserve indicator at the three o’clock position also has a red reminder that the power is below a day, so you can quickly wind the replica watches. The sharply shaped moments of the willow-shaped hands tell you the time.

At 6 o’clock, not only the origin of this replica watch is written, but also the date display function. At the same time, there is a small seconds dial at the nine o’clock position, allowing you to understand the time scale more precisely. Through the transparent case back of the sapphire glass, you can see the operation of the IWC 50000 movement, as well as the logo engraved with 7-day power, and the Breguet hairspring.

The power of the seven-day chain is not only the satisfaction of worry-free power, but also a relatively thick case. The rhodium-plated case guarantees the task of carrying the huge IWC 50000 movement, and at the same time it gives an unparalleled sense of heaviness, and it feels very safe to wear. The pin buckle is relatively convenient to wear, but you need to be careful when taking it off to prevent scratching the alligator leather strap.

IWC Replica Watch

You can clearly see the blue stitching and the texture on the strap, and the texture is very good. But when you wear it, it will appear a little stiff, if you are used to the steel chain strap. Looking down at the back of the replica watch, you can clearly see the lettering on the inside of the strap.

The number of this replica watch is engraved under the lugs, and there are grooves on the bezel to provide for disassembly. The LOGO of IWC is clearly engraved on the head of the replica watch, and from this angle, you can also imagine the thickness of this replica watch. The diameter of the head of a watch is less than the thickness of this watch.

IWC Replica Watch

Summary: This IWC Portuguese seven-day chain replica watch not only provides people with a power reserve function of up to seven days, but also has a simple and beautiful design. The large diameter of 42.3 mm can only be subdued by men who are big enough for MAN. It has surging power under its quiet appearance.

Can I wear an IWC in formal clothes?

A friend said that the IWC Portuguese 7-day chain is too thick to fit into the cuffs of a shirt. If you wear a formal suit, can you still wear an IWC? The answer must be yes, this new IWC Portugal 40 is a good option.

IWC’s new Portugal 40, launched in 2020. The size of the Portuguese 40-40mm is much smaller than the 42mm size of the Portuguese 7-day chain. At the same time, after the launch of the Portuguese 40, there is information on the Internet that the Portuguese 40 is wound “reversely” (the crown is twisted counterclockwise, and most replica watches are twisted clockwise).

Compared to Portugal 7, Portugal 40 is more suitable for most fans.

The “flagship” of the IWC dress replica watch must be the Portuguese 7-day chain. The exact dimensions of the Portuguese 7 Day Chain are, 42.3mm and 14.1mm thick. Not to mention the size of 42.3, the thickness of 14.1 is indeed thicker. Objectively speaking, the thickness of the Portuguese 7 is more than that of the Rolex Submariner replica watch. This is because the Portuguese 7-day chain has to accommodate the huge 52000 series 7-day chain movement in the case, so it is almost inevitable.
IWC Replica Watch

IWC’s new Portugal 40 has greatly reduced the size.

The exact dimensions are, 40.4mm and 12.4mm thick. It can be seen that the size and thickness have both shrunk by about 2 mm, and the size of the entire replica watch is down. It is true that the Portuguese 40, with a thickness of 12.4 mm, is quite satisfactory in a formal replica watch, and it is quite a lot thinner than it. However, in my personal experience, thicker, the replica watch will have a stronger “sense of presence” on the wrist.

The appearance of IWC Portugal 40 is very beautiful.

Like all IWCs, it is very atmospheric. The narrow bezel increases the proportion of the dial. Small three needles, no calendar, the dial of the replica watch is simple and balanced. The layout of the Portuguese 40 actually continues the style of the antique Portugal of all countries in history.

IWC Replica Watch

In terms of details, the Portuguese 40 uses willow needles and three-dimensional digital hour markers. The three-dimensional hour markers are all polished, and there are track scales on the edge of the disc. The small seconds at 6 o’clock is decorated with a record pattern. The gold-pin version, the small second hand is baked blue. IWC Portugal, whether the Portuguese 7 or this 40, are simple and beautiful.

Although overall, we can see that the Portugal 40 is a dress replica watch. However, the large horizontal drawing on the side of the case, the thick lugs, and the optional steel chain also give this replica watch a strong leisure attribute. Formal wear and leisure are all-in-one, but it should be noted that it is waterproof to 30 meters, and the regular crown does not have a screw-in lock.

IWC Replica Watch

Portugal 40, really “reverse” winding.

Portugal 40, using the IWC 82000 series automatic movement (specifically 82200). This movement is amazing, winding “reversely”.

General famous replica watches are wound by screwing the crown forward (clockwise), while the IWC Portugal 40 is wound by screwing the crown backward (counterclockwise). You should pay attention to this point, in case you buy a Portuguese 40, the crown is screwed in the wrong direction, and the replica watch will not go after screwing for a long time.

The IWC-manufactured 82000 series self-winding movement used in the Portuguese 40.

The 82000 series movement is one of the main self-produced automatic movements of IWC. Now it is mainly used in Portugal 40 and large pilot 43. Simply put, the entry-level model of IWC uses the self-produced 32000 series movement, the mid-range model uses the self-produced 82000 series movement, and the flagship model uses the self-produced 52000 series 7-day chain movement. Among them, the 82000 and 52000 series are equipped with the core “Woodpecker” winding mechanism of IWC.

New clasp for the Portuguese 40.

The IWC Portugal 40 belt model uses an alligator leather strap with a folding clasp. In the past, the folding buckle of IWC was relatively large, but now the new IWC has reduced the folding buckle. It looks more refined than before, and I think it is much better than before.

The IWC Portugal 40 is a very balanced IWC replica watch.

The IWC Portugal 40 watch, I think, is very good. Compared with IWC’s entry-level replica watch, the Portugal 40 has more technical features; compared with IWC’s “flagship” Portugal 7-day chain, the Portugal 40 has a more moderate size and a better entry price. Portugal 40 is destined to be a major “backbone” force of the nations. Portugal 40 is not bad for most fans.