Is Breitling’s Mechanical Timing Replica Watches Worth Buying In UK?

On October 14, Breitling officials announced Harland as the brand ambassador. On the day of the official announcement, a new advertising blockbuster shot by Harland for Breitling became popular all over the Internet. Seven or eight days later, the photo began to go viral in social media groups. In the photo, Harland is wearing a black coat and wearing a Breitling mechanical chronograph watch with a stainless steel case on his wrist. A friend jokingly said: Brad Pitt was wearing Breitling before, and Harland is now, am I only a Breitling short of becoming a handsome guy?

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The mechanical timepiece that Harland wears in the new advertising campaign is the latest model that Breitling launched last month – 40 mm dual time zone replica watch. Stainless steel case, there are five different dial colors. HODINKEE, the world’s most professional watch media, praised it as the most suitable Breitling for daily wear. In the “Chronomat” tab of INS, you can now see the hands-on sharing of many watch friends from all over the world. In fact, before Breitling and Harland got cooperated, this replica watch already had the posture of an online celebrity.

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Mechanical timing series, English name Chronomat, is one of the best-selling styles of Breitling in the past two years. There have been two versions in history. The first model was born in 1941, model 769, is the world’s first chronograph replica watch loaded with a flight slide rule.

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The second one, the first model was born in 1984, model 81950, which is a commemorative model for the brand’s centenary birthday. At the same time, it is also a milestone in the entire history of replica watches and clocks. The New York Times once described this watch as “awakening an era”. “In the 1980s, ultra-thin quartz chronographs were popular on the market. But the appearance of Breitling 81950 made people pay attention to the aesthetics of machinery again, and mechanical chronographs gradually recovered.” “The 81950 also attracted the most attention in the market at that time because of its highly recognizable shape, which made many mechanical chronograph replica watches that should have been greater in the same period not be so great in the end.” A leather jacket, A pair of sunglasses, A Breitling Chronomat, is regarded as the bible by the most fashion-savvy Milanese.

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The mechanical timing series currently on sale is another brand new version launched by Breitling in 2020. The prototype of the design is the 1984 version of the Chronomat, the legendary timepiece reference 81950. The same onion crown, the same saddle stud bezel with raised four-position scales of 12-3-6-9, the same scientific name as the roller ball stainless steel bracelet commonly known as the bullet chain…but every part, compared to Prototypes are made with more attention to detail.

For example, the new version of the bullet chain has the same structure and is still a cylindrical link. However, the front is more brushed and mirrored, and the two ends of each link are also chamfered. It fits the wrist perfectly. It seems that there are few steel chains on the market that can compare with the Royal Oak’s steel chain: it is obviously made of fine steel, but it has a texture like precious metal.

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Such a sense of sophistication is the greatest value of the new version of the mechanical timing series. Breitling used to have momentum, but it will give people a feeling of excess hormones. Too big, not everyone can handle it.

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The new version of the mechanical timing series has built a very rich product line in the past two years. 32mm, 36mm, 42mm, 44mm, stainless steel, gold, red gold, three hands, chronograph, green face, black face, silver face… Quartz and mechanical models, male and female models, basic models And complex functions, everything is available. The latest release last month, the full name of the mechanical chronograph dual time zone automatic mechanical watch 40, is another addition to the entire series of product lines. It is also one of the existing models in the series, which I think is the most worth buying. The 40mm gold replica watch diameter and the practicality of GMT are on the one hand. The most important thing is that it is the same model as Harland, dude.

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The overall shape of the mechanical chronograph dual time zone automatic mechanical replica watch 40 continues the standard style of the series, and it has everything you need. The stainless steel bezel is a good interpretation of what is called the art of light and shadow. Under natural light, on the same bezel, some places will be as bright as a mirror, which can clearly reflect the reflection of a human face, while some places will be a dark shadow. The time in the second time zone is indicated by the red pointer in the center of the dial. That is also a bright spot in the appearance of the whole replica watch. The red pointer + red GMT words light up the entire disk surface, which is very textured.

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Five types of plates. Grey, blue, green, white, black.

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Released at the same time as the mechanical chronograph dual time zone automatic mechanical watch 40, there is also a brand new women’s watch. The full name is Super Mechanical Chronograph Automatic Mechanical Watch 38. 38 mm in diameter, stainless steel case with ice blue surface. Stainless steel case, red gold bezel, mint green dial, and red gold case, red gold bezel, silver dial. The ice blue surface of the stainless steel case and the mint green surface of the red gold bezel of the stainless steel case can be divided into three versions: bullet chain, rubber strap, and crocodile leather strap according to different strap materials. The one with the red gold case and the red gold bezel has two versions, the rubber strap and the crocodile leather strap, commonly known as the traceable version, which refers to the specific source of the gold and diamonds used in the replica watch.

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These brand-new women’s replica watches are very attractive in appearance. If you would like to choose one of the three, I strongly recommend the ice blue model. There is a little cold taste in the little freshness, and it will have the charm of a goddess when worn. In addition, the design of the rubber strap is also a bright spot, made into the shape of a bullet chain, which is very recognizable. But to say the most interesting and topical part of the whole replica watch, I think it is the circle of diamonds inlaid on the bezel. All are lab grown diamonds.

Breitling replica watch model 3Laboratory-grown diamonds, as the name suggests, are products obtained by simulating the environment in which natural diamonds are formed in a laboratory. Compared with natural diamonds, it has exactly the same physical and chemical structure, and has exactly the same crystal structure… There is also a 4C certificate issued by GIA.

In recent years, this type of diamond has been the new favorite of the jewelry industry. Many jewelry brands that once strongly supported natural diamonds have also begun to embrace laboratory-grown diamonds.

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