Best Hublot Replica Watches That You Can’t Afford To Miss

hublot replica watch

Hublot – the top Swiss watch brand was born in 1980. The brand concept advocated by Hublot is “the art of fusion”. This brand has a subversive watchmaking concept. Working with elites in various fields to create limited edition products is the secret of Hublot’s popularity. The brand and industry leaders from all walks of life have created many breakthrough Hublot replica watches uk. In football, Hublot is the official timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and has in-depth cooperation with many star football clubs. Football player Kylian Mbappe and the “King of the Ball” Bailey are also brand ambassadors for the brand.

In the track and field world, a limited edition replica watch was launched in collaboration with Jamaican track and field athlete Usain Bolt. This brand has also collaborated with many famous people on limited edition watches: golfers Dustin Johnson and “Captain America” Patrick Reed and professional tennis player Borna Church. Working with “Street Artist” Shepard Fairey in the music and art world. Collaboration with Maxim Butch of SANG BLEU Tattoo Studio. Cooperated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and others to launch limited edition replica watches.

hublot replica watch
Replica Watch Series

Big Bang series

The Big Bang collection is Hublot’s signature collection. With its ingenious design, it has set off great changes in the watchmaking industry. The epitome of contemporary replica watchmaking, the Big Bang collection continues to reinvent and innovate, bringing together all the boldness of craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Classic Fusion Series

This series shows the classic fusion concept of Hublot. In terms of design, this collection can be classified as an elegant replica watch. Chic, eye-catching, Classic Fusion comes with a wide variety of movements, designs, materials and colours, and the styles of the watches in this collection are also ever-changing.

Big Bang Soul Collection

Hublot integrates the spiritual connotation of the Big Bang series into another series, and the barrel shape is unique. The series of cases feature an ingenious multi-layer structure that enables the fusion of various materials, colors and finishes.

Handed down series

In order to enhance the strength of high-end replica watch production, in 2010 Hublot assembled a high-end watch customization team composed of 30 top masters, focusing on the research and development of high-complexity replica watches. Less than a year after the team was established, Hublot grandly announced a new masterpiece, the first replica watch of the series was named “MP-01”.

Hublot Replica Watch Recommendations

Swiss luxury replica watch brand HUBLOT leads the trend, and dazzlingly launched a new dazzling purple color matching Big Bang Unico watch.

hublot replica watch

Fashionistas from all over the world agree that bold and bright colors will officially return this season! Recently, the contrasting colors have continued to light up the show, which has set off a new fashion trend in fashion weeks around the world. This bright and gorgeous color scheme provides inspiration for Hublot’s new “Summer in the City” campaign. Inspired by this, the brand reinterprets the classic Big Bang Unico replica watch with a new all-purple summer watch! Featuring a 42mm diameter case, the new Big Bang Unico Summer Violet is crafted from lightweight aluminium in a modern style. The case is anodized, polished and satin-finished to give it a distinctive purple hue.

hublot replica watch

This process not only ensures excellent durability, but also gives the case excellent wear resistance and impact resistance, showing the unique color charm. This technological giant is presented by the team of Hublot watchmakers!

hublot replica watch

The Big Bang Unico Summer Watch is powered by the HUB1280 factory-made movement. This chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel that is clearly visible through the dial. Power reserve up to 72 hours. The hands and hour markers are also finished in purple with a white luminous coating.

hublot replica watch

In order to present the visual effect of the whole body purple, the Big Bang Unico Summer Violet Replica Watch provides two purple straps. One of them is a purple Velcro nylon strap with purple stitching and a sports buckle. The other is made of Hublot’s signature material, natural rubber. Both straps are equipped with Hublot’s patented “one-touch” quick-change strap system.
The Big Bang Unico Summer Hyun Purple Watch is limited to 200 pieces, which can easily meet the wearing needs of various occasions.

hublot replica watch

BIG BANG UNICO Summer Violet Replica Watch
Serial number: Purple 441.UL.5820.NR (limited collection of 200 pieces)
Dial: purple
Case: Satin-finished purple aluminum
Diameter: 42mm
Thickness: 14.15mm
Waterproof depth: 10 ATM (100 meters)
Movement: HUB1280 UNICO factory-made self-winding chronograph movement
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 72 hours
Number of components: 354
Number of gems: 43
Case back: satin-finished titanium
Strap and Buckle: Purple Velcro nylon, purple lined rubber strap, purple aluminum and titanium folding clasp
Bezel: Satin-finished and polished purple aluminum

Hublot’s new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo Replica watch
“For seven years, HUBLOT and Maxim have continued to subtly incorporate the art of tattooing into the brand’s replica watches. We are delighted to see this long-term collaboration, as it enables the brand to integrate, experiment and transform our watchmaking skills and watchmaking skills. visions to achieve continuous development and elevate them to a whole new level. Our scratch-resistant material, engraved with the timeless lines of Sang Bleu Tattoo Studio’s signature geometric figures, helps Maxime deliver a more meaningful message through tattoo art: Perfect, harmonious, precise, immutable and irreversible.”– Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

hublot replica watch
The Swiss luxury replica watch brand Hublot has launched three new Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watches, successfully continuing the cooperation between the brand and the Sang Bleu tattoo studio. To commemorate the seventh year of cooperation between the two parties, Maxim chose to create tattoos on the two iconic watchmaking materials of Hublot, Magic Gold and Ceramic. These two materials are the brilliant crystallization of Hublot’s “art of fusion”. They are all scratch-resistant, but bear the indelible mark of the famous tattoo artist. The three new limited-edition replica watches are embellished with 550 tattoos, which are very charming.

hublot replica watch
Maxim’s movements are decisive and precise. Whether it is on Hublot’s patented scratch-resistant materials such as magic gold, ceramic materials, or on the skin, his tattoo art has an indelible and timeless charm. He uses three-dimensional geometric figures to present a subtle relief effect and a deep texture, which vividly reflects his relentless pursuit of precision! The Magic Gold material is polished, satin-finished, sliced, engraved, chamfered and faceted to present alternating hexagons, diamonds and triangles, creating a harmonious and captivating visual effect. The new tattoo replica watch is available in magic gold, black magic and green ceramic, which one will you choose to light up your wrist?


Hublot x Sang Bleu tattoo studio collaboration started in 2016
The partnership between Hublot and Maxim dates back to 2016. During this period, the replica watches launched by the two parties were all integrated into the art of tattooing. This talented graphic tattoo genius has left an indelible mark on several timepieces. In 2019, the two parties jointly launched the Sang Bleu II tattoo replica watch, which uses tattoo elements throughout. Maxim’s graphic tattoos are featured throughout the watch’s entire case, hexagonal bezel, sapphire crystal, hands and strap, conveying the allure of tattoos.

hublot replica watch
Big Bang Unico SANG BLEU II Tattoo Replica Watch: Magic Gold Green Ceramic Black Ceramic
This time, Hublot carefully selected quite sturdy materials, created three new timepieces with superb skills, and irreversibly carved deep marks on the scratch-resistant base, just like real tattoos.
The new timepiece masterpiece has a case diameter of 45 mm and is made of magic gold or ceramic. The tattoos of the master tattoo artist alternately appear on the case and bezel, and the mechanism and disc hands feature geometric tattoos that continue to the rubber strap. Thanks to this geometric design, the mechanical beauty of the HUB1240 factory-made self-winding Unico chronograph movement can be seen through the skeletonized dial and transparent caseback. The Big Bang Unico SANG BLEU II Tattoo Watch Magic Gold is limited to 100 pieces, the black magic model made of all-black ceramic is limited to 250 pieces, and the green ceramic model is limited to 200 pieces.

hublot replica watch
Magic Gold – This scratch-resistant alloy was invented by Hublot. The Magic Gold, exclusively developed and patented by Hublot, is the world’s first and only scratch-resistant 18K alloy. Its hardness is close to 1000 Vickers and it is notoriously difficult to machine. Ceramic material is a material with better anti-scratch properties. The hardness of traditional ceramics is 1200 Vickers, while the hardness of the ceramic material developed by Hublot can reach 1500 Vickers. Therefore, replica watch lovers can choose scratch-resistant alloys or ceramic materials with excellent scratch-resistant properties to experience the magic of tattoo art… One thing is certain, neither can resist the tattoo patterns of Sang Bleu studio!

Hublot BIG BANG 441.NX.1171.RX.1104
Since the development of the replica watch, it can be said that its decorative properties have outweighed its practical properties from some perspectives. In addition to the performance of the replica watch, the level of appearance is also an important factor affecting everyone’s choice. As a popular jewelry, diamonds are also very common in replica watches. The glittering diamonds collide with the rigid watch, and the gorgeous and luxurious feeling presented is unmatched by other materials.

hublot replica watch

The Hublot BIG BANG series replica watch is very recognizable, and the hollow dial is full of technology. Although the dial looks slightly complicated, it does not affect the wearer’s reading time. This new Hublot Big Bang replica watch has a titanium case that is satin-finished and polished, with a diameter of 42 mm. As a sports-style watch, this size is not large. On the bezel made of titanium metal, there are 126 shiny diamonds, weighing about 1.1 carats, which make the already eye-catching replica watch more shiny and cool. It is a replica watch that people can notice at a glance. Feeling very strong. The watch is equipped with a HUB1280 UNICO factory-made self-winding flyback chronograph movement with a column wheel, which can provide the watch with a 72-hour power reserve and is waterproof to 100 meters.