Hublot Replica Watches: Using Innovation to Win Younger Generations

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Hublot loves football, Hublot loves art… We often see similar descriptions about Hublot replica watches. Hublot calls it “the art of fusion”. My understanding only stays at the level of marketing, and I have always been puzzled as to why such marketing is necessary. Later, I saw an interview report about some questions put to Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, the global CEO of Hublot. Mr. Cardo Guadalupe said: “If there is no innovation, the 40-year-old Hublot does the same thing as the brands with more than 100 years of history, so why should consumers buy Hublot?” A rhetorical question that answered almost all my questions.

“Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force of Hublot, and there is no vitality for Hublot without innovation.” Guadalupe said bluntly. He said that innovation is Hublot’s consistent replica watchmaking philosophy, and marketing activities are also an aspect of innovation. .

Combining traditional watchmaking with various innovative forms is Hublot’s “art of fusion”. Only in this way can Hublot have its own competitive advantage and be favored by consumers. Mr. Cardo divided Hublot’s innovative philosophy into four different aspects, in addition to marketing, there are replica watch materials, self-made movements and replica watch design.

hublot replica watch
The general public is most familiar with marketing campaigns, of course. Things happen all around us, and it doesn’t take much replica watch knowledge to understand. Especially football, almost everyone pays attention to this most international sport.

When other brands formed alliances with tennis, golf and other activities, the young Hublot chose football very early. Now Hublot is not only the official timekeeper of the World Cup and European Cup, but also a partner of the league giants such as Chelsea and Juventus.

Launching football-themed models with partners is part of the fusion. The Big Bang watch-type chronograph specially designed and produced by Hublot for the football competition is the most important and successful brand visual innovation in the eyes of Guadalupe.

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In every World Series, every overtime or substitution, the referee will hold this eye-catching timing board high. Through the event broadcast, Hublot is seen by hundreds of millions of viewers in front of various screens around the world.

2020 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of Hublot. To make an analogy with people, it is already a “year of no confusion”, but 40 years in the replica watch industry is really not a long time. Hublot is still a young brand, and it is deeply loved by young people today. People like Hublot and follow it.

If you carefully observe the consumers who walk into the Hublot store, or count the age of the customers wearing Hublot replica watches, it is not difficult to find that the proportion of young people is very high. Because the younger generation wants something different from their parents. They want to express themselves and show their individuality. What they needed was a statement replica watch, and Hublot just met them.

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The story told by Hublot is self-evident to the attractiveness of young people: Mbappe was signed quickly in 2018. This young star who has shown great talent at the World Cup in Russia is a hero and idol of his peers. Ferrari’s speed, F1’s passion, artist’s unrestrained imagination… are the best choices for young people to express themselves.

The innovative materials used by Hublot, as well as the avant-garde design and exclusive movement, are also important factors that attract young people into the world of Hublot.
The special case shape and structure of the Big Bang series, as well as the inspiration drawn from partners, just hit the hearts of young people, such as the Sang Bleu tattooed replica watch and the Orlinsky replica watch. In fact, many young people who buy Hublot replica watches do not know who the artists who cooperate with these watches are, they are just fascinated by the watches themselves.

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In the event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Hublot brand, Guadalupe fully demonstrated and explained what the “art of fusion” is to the guests. He described how materials such as rubber, ceramics, sapphire, magic gold were introduced into the replica watch industry. As well as the crossover between watches and artists, Ferrari and music, how different art forms are integrated into replica watch design, and so on.

In the 40-year history of Hublot, 2005 is of great significance. Big Bang’s first wristwatch was launched, with a steel case with a ceramic bezel and a carbon fiber dial. The Kevlar fiber and rubber strap combined perfectly expresses the brand’s “art of fusion” concept, and won the GPHG Best Design Watch Award of the year.

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After the 15th anniversary of the Big Bang series, Hublot launched the Big Bang Integral in Dubai. The one-piece bracelet is made of the same material as the case, and is released for the first time in three different materials: titanium, king gold and ceramic. The surface of the bracelet and the case use the same design and processing technology, with the fusion of chamfering and angular design, polishing combined with satin processing, the bracelet is integrated with the case and bezel.

The one-piece bracelet also means the replica watch has been redesigned. The stick-shaped hour markers replace the digital hour markers, the iconic sandwich case structure eliminates the resin inserts, and the small “H” screws on the two side lugs of the case are gone. Among them, the black ceramic version adopts the “All Black” design. That is to say, the hands and hour markers on the dial are all black, aiming to pay tribute to the “invisible visible” concept pioneered by Hublot in 2006 – it is not its task to read the time, but to show the personality.


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The young Hublot’s achievements today are not just marketing success, not just mixing different materials, and cross-border cooperation with football, racing or music is not all. The foundation of Hublot’s success is to set up a strong R&D team, invest huge financial and material resources, and introduce unprecedented materials, movements and creative designs into replica watches.

Gold is a traditional material in the replica watch industry. 18K red, yellow and white gold has a history of hundreds of years, but Hublot is rarely used directly. It adjusts the metal ratio to obtain a more ruddy “King Gold”, while “Magic Gold” is more magical – combining gold and ceramics to get ceramic-like wear-resistant 18K gold.


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Ceramics are not new materials either, pure white zirconia ceramics have been used for decades. But not many brands can make colorful ceramic cases. Classic blue, bright blue, gray blue, light blue, mix one color into different shades, and Hublot is leading the industry.

Synthetic sapphire, also not a new material in this industry, has been used for replica watch mirrors for 50 years. But there are only a handful of cases that use sapphire for the case and are mass-produced. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple must be prepared, which only Hublot can do in the industry.


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In order to obtain the green transparent case, Hublot has gone through numerous failures and attempts. Finally found a way – adding rare earth elements to aluminum oxide. In Dubai, Hublot has produced works that are as translucent and shiny as emeralds.

This material is actually different from traditional artificial sapphire, and the microscopic crystal structure is more like garnet. The hardness is between sapphire and ceramic, but it has better plasticity and richer color. Calling it artificial sapphire is no longer appropriate. Hublot named it SAXEM.


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The same is true for the movement, Hublot is the leader of modern skeleton craftsmanship. The skeletonized open-face chronograph has become a distinctive symbol of Hublot. The self-made Unico flyback chronograph movement and the Meca-10 ten-day power reserve movement also set Hublot apart. The MP series movement further demonstrates the strength of Hublot in the development of complex movements. Guadalupe said that Hublot has its own watchmaking factory and its own know-how. These leading innovation advantages allow Hublot to better interpret the “art of fusion” in the future. Only innovation can have a future.

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Young people travel to London, Paris or Tokyo for a comfortable experience. Savoring Michelin-starred cuisine, finding local specialties, and spending on luxury goods are just part of the wonderful experience of this trip.

For now, Hublot has done a very good job in innovation. In particular, the appearance is highly recognizable, and even people who see Hublot for the first time will never forget it. For example, the very famous Big Bang series has made many people familiar and impressed. This is also the external manifestation of the uniqueness of Hublot. The feature of Hublot lies in the use of new materials, which brings them countless unique-designed watches. Some people even exaggeratedly say that the birth of Hublot has set off a revolution in the watch industry, both in terms of watchmaking materials and the unique aesthetic concept interpreted by the watch. How do you like Hublot replica watches?