Five Charming Vintage Rolex Submariner Replica Styles You Can’t Miss

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The charm of Rolex is well known, and no successful man can resist the charm of Rolex. This article will introduce you some of the re-engraved collections of antique Rolex watches that have been discontinued. If you also like the Rolex Submariner replicas, then read on.

After World War II, Rene-Paul Jeaneret, then Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Rolex, promoted many important events in Rolex history. These include giving a Rolex watch as a gift to British Prime Minister Churchill, promoting the development of Rolex tool watches, and releasing a generation of classic models, the Submariner. In the post-war period, the economies of various countries in the world developed rapidly, and the desire to explore nature hidden in people’s hearts also re-emerged in the post-war peace period. Coincidentally, Mr. Jeaneret is also a diving enthusiast and explorer who is keen on nature. He realized the huge market demand for diving watches and led Rolex to develop the Submariner series just mentioned.


Rolex ref.5508 Replica

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As a watch designed for diving enthusiasts, the most notable feature of the Submariner series is its professional-grade water resistance. The full range of Submariner models on sale today are water resistant to 300 meters. The earlier series produced were not so strong, and most of them had a waterproof depth rating of only 100 meters. The Rolex ref.5508 Replica was the last model in the Submariner range to be rated at a depth of 100 meters, introduced between 1957 and 1962. At the time, the 5508 model used the CAL1530 movement, also known as the James Bond model.

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This title comes from the classic movie “007”. “007” protagonist James Bond’s identity background in the original novel is the commander of the British Royal Navy, so the producers of the first “007” film in 1962 hoped that James Bond in the film would be officially sponsored by Rolex and wear a Submariner watch . It is a pity that the watch manufacturer’s brand awareness was not strong at that time, and the director could only lend his Submariner to Sean Connery, the actor of James Bond, to wear. As a result, the “007” movie sold well, and the Ref.5508 worn by James Bond in the film and the Ref.6538 of the same period were called James Bond models by many Rolex fans.


Rolex ref.5512 Replica

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The 5512 model, officially launched in 1959, symbolized the beginning of the growth period of the Submariner series. The diameter of the Rolex ref.5512 Replica has been increased to 40mm. The changes in these details show a more professional image of the Submariner series, and the overall appearance has begun to move closer to the modern Submariner series. The Rolex 5512 appeared in 1977-1978 at the end of this model’s production. The “Maxi dial” dial was designed with enlarged luminous indexes and thicker hands, and was produced in fewer numbers than the other 5512 models without the “Maxi dial” dial.


Rolex ref.5513 Replica

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The Rolex 5513 model was officially released in 1962, with a production cycle of nearly 30 years, and it was not officially discontinued until 1990. For Rolex fans who love to collect vintage Rolex, 5513 may not be the rarest model, but it is definitely one of the most representative models of vintage Rolex. The 5513 has almost witnessed the condensed process of the recent development history of the Submariner series. The change of the dial alone has gone through periods such as Gilt dial, Matt dial and Gloss/WG surround dial in the 1980s.

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The reason why the 5513 replica is one of the most representative models of vintage Rolex, in addition to the factors mentioned above, is because a number of special models that are still regarded as god-level items were derived during the same period of the 5513. Including the 5514 made for Comex, a company engaged in deep-sea exploration, and the military version of the 5513 (aka 5517) for Royal Nay of the British Empire. Among them, Comex 5514 is printed with Comex special words on the dial, and the military version 5513 is printed with a “T” circle and a special trocar. Although the original 5514 is now hard to buy, there are some high-precision 5513 replicas that are relatively easy to buy.


Rolex ref.1680 Replica

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In 1969, Rolex began to bring more detailed functions to the Submariner series, and the first Submariner 1680 model with a calendar was officially born. The 1680 was officially discontinued in 1979, during which the entire line used the CAL1570/1575/3035 movement. Equipped with a two-way outer ring, the calendar display was mounted on the right side of the dial. The acrylic flat surface mirror was covered with magnifying glass details to make reading the date easier and faster.

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At first, the 1680 replica model was mainly sold in North America, and the words Submariner on the dial were marked in red, which was very eye-catching. By the way, after the 1680 came out, Rolex also developed the SEA-DEWELLER deep dive series based on it. If you don’t have a 1680 replica, you can consider getting one. This replica is very vintage and suitable for fans who like vintage style.

Rolex ref.16610 Replica

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This Rolex 16610 replica can be said to have witnessed the whole process of the Rolex Submariner series from low tide to hot sale. The 16610 model was first born in 1988, and several derivative models headed by it were produced until the official end of 2010. During this period, the Submariner became the best-selling series of Rolex. The 16610 replica has also become the largest model in the entire Submariner series.

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The 16610 replica gradually established the comprehensive characteristics of modern Rolex diving watches in the later stage of production. The 16610 produced in 2000 is very similar with the current models currently sold in Rolex stores. For this reason, the 16610 replica has also become one of the first choices for vintage-loved Rolex collectors.


Final Thoughts

As trend icons in Europe and America have frequently incorporated Rolex watches into their outfits in recent years, the Submariner series has gradually become one of the must-have items for street culture lovers. Many people started from the Submariner replica watches as their first watch. Except for the classic factors mentioned above, comfort and styling are also the unique advantages of submariners.

After in-depth understanding of Rolex, in addition to the rolex Submariner replica series, there are various series such as Daytona, GMT, Day date, etc. are worthy of attention. In the following blogs, we will also bring more appreciation and analysis of different series. If you are Interested, stay tuned.