The Ultimate Guide of Rolex Submariner Replica Series

The Rolex Submariner watch series has a high popularity and is after by strong Rolex fans. The price of a Rolex Submariner watch is super high, but the price of a Rolex replica is only a very small percent of the original. It is very difficult to detect the difference between the high-quality replicas and the original with one’s naked eyes, and only the most professional Rolex appraisers can use the tools to help distinguish the two. This article will introduce you to the Rolex Submariner replica series.

Overview of Rolex Submariner Replica Series

  1. Popularity

The Rolex Submariner replica watch series has good undersea recognition. Dog-tooth rings, flat-bread luminous scales, Mercedes-Benz needles, and enlarged glass calendars are the signature design styles of this series of watches. The Rolex Submariner replica series is a sports watch series with good anti-magnetic, waterproof, anti-collision structure, corrosion resistance and resistance to severe temperature differences. The Rolex Submariner replica watch is a mechanical watch that is waterproof to over 100 meters. It can be said to be a very classic style. Submariner is Rolex’s most representative sports watch, and it has become the first choice for many people to start Rolex.

  1. High quality

Rolex Submariner Replicas are very well-refined crafted. There are unbelievable number of people seeking the quality replicas every day. Let’s take a look at the Submariner replica’s bezel first. Developed and patented by Rolex, the Cerachrom bezel is made of a very hard ceramic material that hardly scratches and its color is not affected by UV rays. The method of making the Cerachrom bezel is to first make numbers and scales on the ceramic bezel, and then put a layer of platinum on the inner wall. The texture is extremely delicate, and the color of the ceramic material is better to express the bright hue and texture of green. The new generation of submariner has made a lot of adjustments in the size ratio, but the most important modification is the replacement of the ceramic bezel with Cerachrom; the improvement of the texture of the ceramic bezel is definitely more significant on the green ring model than the black ring model. In addition to the problem of being scratched, the aluminum electroplating bezel of the old version of the Green submariner is also relatively thin in the color of the electroplating. The exquisite three-dimensional digital scale of Cerachrom itself makes the new version very convincing in terms of texture improvement. The Cerachrom ceramic bezel is now a feature of the Submariner.


  1. Strong waterproof performance

The Rolex submariner replica watches have a waterproof performance of 300 meters, which is already a very high specification for the general public to wear daily. Waterproof performance is naturally the advantage of the Submariner. This can be seen from the dots or bars under the crown of the Rolex crown. There are three points under the crown of the Submariner crown, which means triple waterproofing, which is also waterproof for the Rolex crown. The highest specification, so the water resistance of the watch reaches 300 meters. Although there are other diving watches with more scary waterproof specifications on the market, when it comes to real use, 300 meters is more than enough. Not only the waterproof performance, but also in the dark underwater environment, the clear visibility of the dial of the watch is equally important. Rolex’s luminous paint used the common Super-Luminova before 2006, and after 2007, it used its own Chromalight. , So now the Submariner has just caught up with this wave of material changes. The Chromalight material claims to be able to double the luminous time, and the color has also changed from green to blue, which is more recognizable by Rolex itself.


Five Generations of Rolex Submariner Replicas

According to the 2022 Swiss Watch Research Report, Rolex’s global turnover is 30.9 billion, with a market share of 24.9%, making it the top Swiss watch brand in terms of turnover.

The Rolex Submariner replica watch has also received public attention and recognition. This legendary watch started as a functional watch, and it has only become a classic after more than 60 years of evolution. Now not only professional divers use it, but more and more people regard it as a daily watch, and even become a trendy item, a kind of culture. There are five generations of Rolex Submariner replica watches, but the appearance of this watch from the original first generation to the current fifth generation is not very different. Let’s start with the first generation.

  1. First Generation of Submariner Replica 6204

Born in 1953, the Submariner was the first watch to be water-resistant to 100 meters. The professional diving watch designed for divers at that time uses the Rolex patented Oyster-type waterproof case, and the rotating outer ring is convenient for divers to check the diving time. However, the first batch of submariner did not have the word “Submariner”, and only appeared on the dial in 1954, and the waterproof depth was also increased to 200 meters.



  1. 2nd Generation of Submariner Replica 5512

The second generation Submariner replica watch has some differences in appearance from the first generation. First of all, the diameter of the case has been increased from 36mm in the original generation to 40mm, and this size has been used until 2020. The shoulder pads are added on both sides of the crown, which can protect the crown from collision and improve the waterproof performance. Secondly, the outer ring is changed, the groove of the outer ring is transferred from the side to the front, and the 15-minute scale of the outer ring is more detailed, which is more convenient for divers to rotate the outer ring and read the time. Finally, the pointer was changed, and the original sword needle was replaced by the “Mercedes-Benz needle”. Commonly known as the “Mercedes-Benz Needle” because it is very similar to the Mercedes-Benz logo, it actually has nothing to do with Mercedes-Benz. The reason for this design is to fill the luminous material more firmly, and at the same time, it can distinguish the hour and minute hands more clearly in the dark, which is easy to read.


  1. 3rd Generation of Submariner Replica1680

The third-generation Rolex replica watch is equipped with a “magnifying glass calendar window”, which is the biggest feature of this generation. This is a patent obtained by Rolex in the 1950s, which is convenient for reading the calendar more clearly. Originally, Rolex used acrylic material mirror, Can be molded in one shot. Equipped with Caliber1575 movement, it has obtained COSC certification, and the word certification is also marked on the dial.


  1. Fourth generation of Submariner Replica 16800

The mirror of the fourth-generation Rolex Submariner replica watch has been upgraded from acrylic to sapphire, continuing the distinctive “magnifying glass calendar window”. The waterproof depth has been increased from 200m to 300m. In addition, a metal frame has been added around the luminous scale on the dial, and there is no “plaster surface”. This generation of Rolex Submariner replica watches began to use 904L stainless steel, which is more corrosion-resistant and of course more expensive.


  1. Fifth Generation of Submariner Replica 116610

The fifth-generation Rolex replica watch uses a Cerachrom ceramic outer ring, and the first four generations of replica watches use an anodized aluminum outer ring, which is not only easy to scratch and wear, but also fades after long-term use under the action of ultraviolet rays. The new version of the Cerachrom ceramic bezel is guaranteed to look as good as new and function properly even in the harshest environments. The fifth-generation replica watch no longer uses the tritium luminous with slight radiation in the old version, and uses the blue Chromalight luminous. Under the same conditions, the duration and conspicuousness of the new blue luminous are stronger than the old ones.


Reviews of Rolex Submariner Replicas

Let’s take a look at what most people say about the Rolex Submariner Replicas.

  1. It is a good watch

Saying that the Rolex Submariner series watch is a “good watch”, I believe no one would disagree. However, the well-made Rolex Submariner replica watch is also loved by many people. The Rolex Submariner replica watch also adopts the most classic oyster structure of Rolex, which has strong sealing, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, sturdy and durable daily practicality. The movement of the submariner replica is equipped with Cal.3135, known as the “King of Automatic Winding”. The Rolex exclusive blue niobium hairspring can effectively resist the influence of temperature and impact on the watch, and the accuracy is also first-class. So such a sturdy and durable replica watch with extremely high precision and a very suitable price is completely enough to be called a “good watch”.


  1. Suitable for daily wear

Submariner is a good watch, but this series watch is too hot, too hot! Don’t buy Rolex Submariner watches at the counter, you can’t even see them in the store, and the market price is very high. The entry-level black submariner and green submariner have to start with a lot more than the public price, or the sellers sell them by tying, etc. Due to the fact, many people choose to buy the Rolex Submariner replica watch. Relatively speaking, the Rolex replica replica watch is easier to buy and the price is affordable, which is very suitable for daily wear.


  1. Real Replicas are good choice

Submariner series watches are very popular, and the price is not acceptable to ordinary people. Therefore, there are many Rolex replica watches on the market. But not all watches can be called replica watches. Many fake watches are made rough and can be easily identified as fakes at a glance. Such watches are not replica watches, but fakes. The market is flooded with such fakes, not real replica watches. The materials used for genuine replica watches are very high quality and sophisticated. Buying a replica watch not only allows us to get a good quality watch, but also saves us a lot of unnecessary expenses.