Why Do Flight Attendants Wear Cartier Replica Watches?

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Some people would ask, what kind of replica watch can be called “classic”? My answer is: it has a history of at least half a century, and it has been constantly innovating over time, making it very popular. Throughout the watchmaking industry today, words such as “historical legend”, “epoch-making masterpiece”, “revolutionary milestone” and so on are often seen. And behind these word games, what kind of replica watch works can be regarded as classics?

If a watch series appeared 50 years ago, after 50 years, the appearance has not changed much, the DNA has been inherited, and the descendants have flourished -we can call it a classic! It deserves to be a legend! As Chaplin said: “Time is the great writer, she can write the ending of the future!”

cartier replica watch

From this perspective, many watch brands are all operating one or two classics of their own. But you will find that there is a brand with so many classics that the fingers of two hands can’t finish it, that is Cartier. In the world of Cartier watches, Santos is a classic, Mystery Clock is a classic, Cheetah is a classic, Tank is a classic, Biagnoire is a classic, Tortue is a classic, Crash is a classic… There are more Cartier watch series are moving towards on the classic road, I am really amazed by this brand. So how did Cartier do it?

To become a classic, there are several important factors. First, a replica watch should dare to be the first, never follow the trend, but lead the fashion; second, the replica watch design should be brilliant, because a good design would never be outdated; the third is to insist on quality, from the inner core to the appearance, every detail should be meticulous and strives for perfection; the fourth is to innovate, always make people’s eyes bright, surprising and amazing.

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Cartier Santos Replica Watches

The first we would like to talk is Cartier’s Santos watch, known as the first mass-produced “watch” in history, which has a history of 118 years. You may already be familiar with the story of Santos. In 1901, the pioneering French aviator Alberto Santos Dumont successfully flew over the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Afterwards, he complained to Cartier that he couldn’t take out a pocket replica watch from his pocket to check the time because he had to control the steering wheel with both hands. Cartier was inspired by this, and in 1904, they tailored a replica watch that could be worn on the wrist. And this replica watch, called Santos, was mass-produced in 1911, thus ushering in a new era of watches.

Over the past 118 years, Santos has continued to make upgrades, making subtle adjustments in appearance in response to the different aesthetics of each era. Later, it was divided into two sub-series, one is the Santos Dumont series, which is exactly the same as the original Santos replica watch. The other is the slightly rugged, sporty Santos de Cartier collection. But whether it is Santos Dumont or Santos de Cartier, the design of the original prototype has not changed much – the four corners of the square bezel are inspired by the four bases of the Eiffel Tower, and the dial uses Roman numerals Hour-markers with a square orbital minute scale in the middle and a blue gem on the crown. After more than 100 years, the Santos series still retains the original distinctive design features. Not only Santos replica watches, Tank, Ballon, Tortue, Tonneau, Ronde, Drive series watches also retain the classic design of Cartier. This shows that a classic is a classic, and good design never goes out of style.


However, retaining the traditional design elements does not mean that Cartier is sticking to the rules and resting on its laurels. On the contrary, in terms of movement, material, function and color matching, the Santos series keeps advancing with the times, bringing different surprises to consumers of different ages. It also allows consumers of different generations to continue to love and pay for it. If such a replica watch is not a classic, what kind of replica watch can be called a classic? Especially in recent years, Cartier has brought a very good and very practical technology to many of its replica watches – that is, you can quickly change the chain or belt yourself without tools. Even its steel chain can be shortened or lengthened without tools, which saves the wearer a lot of trouble. Not only worry-free, but also easy to switch between different styles and occasions.

Cartier Tank Series

Among Cartier’s many collections, there is one that just celebrated its 100th birthday five years ago – that is the Tank series that no one don’t know. Launched in 1917, this series was inspired by the tracks of heavy armored tanks that appeared on the battlefields of World War I at that time. For more than 100 years, the Tank series replica watches have also produced many different styles of watches – watch with the lugs are slightly rounded, watch with the case is slightly curved, watch with the crown has a protective device, and watch with the overall shape of the case is elongated… But all the same, radial Roman numeral hour markers, blued steel hands, orbital minute scales, track-like vertical lugs, cabochons on the crown Sapphire, these classic details remain intact.

cartier replica watch

The retention of these centuries-old traditional elements makes Cartier’s replica watches highly recognizable. This is very commendable, because the replica watches on the market are sometimes really blurry. After covering up the logo, you don’t know which brand it is, but Cartier can always make you recognize it at a glance.

In the past two years, the Tank series has become more familiar with the walk between tradition and innovation. On the traditional side, borrowing inspiration from the Tank collection of replica watches from the 1970s and 1980s, the game of colour and pattern is played to perfection. In terms of innovation, some models have been replaced with solar-powered dials and non-animal material straps. Let the entire Tank family glow with a new look and become richer and more diverse.


Why Do Flight Attendants Wear Cartier Replica Watches?

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Airlines Require Them Wearing

According to the regulations issued by the airline, all flight attendants on the plane, including flight attendants, are required to wear watches during work. The watch worn by the flight attendant is a work watch. In order to prevent someone from being lazy or forgetting the time, the company would arrange for personnel to check this regularly. Not only that, but there are also strict requirements for the watch worn: there must be a steel belt or black belt, three needles must be complete, there must be a second hand, the scale must be complete, the 60 scales are clear, and the time of everyone’s watch must be unified and well adjusted before the plane taking off.

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Provide Better Passenger Services

As we all know, the use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited on the plane, and the reason for wearing a watch is actually to better serve passengers. After all, before the plane takes off, everyone must turn off their mobile phones. At this time, if some passengers need to know that the plane has a few minutes to take off, our flight attendant’s watch can report the accurate time to the passengers at any time, and can also tell the passengers that how long the plane has taken off and how long the journey left.

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Emergency Timing in Critical Moments

In the event of an accident on the plane, the purser needs to bring a watch to the cockpit to check with the captain, and then go to the cabin to check with other flight attendants. A series of actions such as opening the door in an emergency can be completed within 15 seconds, which all require a watch to time. Therefore, as a qualified flight attendant, you must have a watch of excellent quality.

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In Order To Create A Stylish and Beautiful Image

The fact is that it is forbidden for flight attendants to wear jewelry on the plane, such as rings and necklaces, watches are not actually a kind of jewelry, so it is not against the rules for flight attendants to wear watches. And the only decoration of the flight attendant on the plane is the watch. Of course, it is more classy to wear a high-end one. Therefore, many flight attendants would invest the money to buy a watch rather than jewelry. This can not only help them match the uniform perfectly, but also help improve the overall image of flight attendants.

It can be seen that, as a qualified flight attendant, you must wear a watch of super quality. This can not only help you being stylish and beautiful, but also it shows that you are responsible for work and the safety of passengers.